Monday, July 11, 2016

Racial bias in US law enforcement?

US President Barack Obama attends a press conference during the second day of the NATO Summit at the Polish National Stadium in Warsaw, Poland, on Saturday. — AFP Twenty five years after innercity Los Angeles exploded in violence over the beating of ……
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US police and racial bias under the spotlight

Marches, vigils and die-ins became a familiar sight on the streets of US cities in 2014. A string of high-profile shootings involving white police officers and unarmed black men proved a tipping point in race relations. Protests spread from coast to coast in scenes which recalled the civil rights rallies of the 1960s. As in the past, tensions between the police and black communities proved the flash point.

The fear and mistrust of the police reached fever pitch in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9…

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Racial bias in US law enforcement?

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