Thursday, July 14, 2016

Man Says Cops Shot Through Door And Killed Dog For No Reason

A Michigan man says his dog was shot in the head and killed for no reason when an officer with the Detroit police department shot through the door of his home.

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Dog Shot Dead After Biting Police Officer

LANCASTER, OH – A Lancaster police officer shot and killed a dog that attacked him twice while he was responding to a dog bite complaint around 8:45 PM Thursday in the 600 block north of High Street.

Officer Alex Sinewe was responded to the call after a dog from the residence bit a 24 year-old man leaving the apartment next door in the leg. As he was talking to the resident about putting the dogs away, two dogs escape from the house, one of which attacks Sinewe. After going onto the sidewalk, the more aggressive dog attempts to attack Sinewe again, resulting in him firing nine rounds and killing the dog.

The resident of the house was reportedly not the owner of the dogs. Officer Sinewe was bitten multiple times and went to the Fairfield Medical Center for treatment. The Lancaster Police Department reviewed Officer Sinewe’s use of force and deemed it appropriate, and also said that it was testing the dog for rabies.

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