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Texas Deputy Wounded in Gunfight with “Suicidal” Subject

A Comal County, TX, deputy and a man described by law enforcement officials as “suicidal” were wounded in an exchange of gunfire Thursday night in Bulverde.

Comal County sheriff’s deputies and officers with the Bulverde Police Department arrived at a home and found a man standing in the street with a handgun, officials told KSAT TV.

Minutes later, the man fired several shots at the lawmen, wounding a deputy, sheriff’s officials said. The shots led to a brief exchange of gunf…
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Cottle County Police Deputy
Roy Rodriguez, currently the Chief of Police at Paducah (TX) PD,
stopped a vehicle for speeding.

What Chief Rodriguez didn’t know was
that the sick fuck in the car was wanted out of Florida for possession and
distribution of child pornography.

During the course of the stop, Chief
Rodriguez noticed that the POS was very nervous. He asked him to step
out of the car to investigate further.

When the suspect was getting out, Chief Rodriguez saw him grasping
something in his pocket. He ordered him to take his hands out of his
pocket and immediately saw that he was holding a twelve inch knife.

suspect attempted to stab the Chief in the chest, but he was able to
block it and throw the suspect off balance.

Rodriguez began backing up
to create distance while drawing his weapon.

When the suspect refused
to stop advancing, Chief Rodriguez fired once, striking the suspect in
the chest. The POS fell to the ground.

Chief Rodriguez called for
backup, and held on the POS until help arrived. The suspect later
admitted that he was trying to commit suicide by cop. The POS survived,
but he hanged himself in his cell several months later.

An Austin Police officer fired at a man fleeing the scene of an accident near the intersection of IH-35 and Rundberg Lane.

It happened around 1:42 Saturday afternoon.

APD Chief Art Acevedo said a drunk 23-year-old Hispanic man had crashed into three vehicles in the parking lot of the Shell gas station.

A nearby officer responded to the scene and attempted to stop the man when the man put his truck into gear and tried to run the officer over.

Suspect’s truck near Rundberg/N. Lamar
Suspect’s truck near Rundberg/N. Lamar
The officer was able to move, but the man tried again. That’s when the officer, fearing for his safety, pulled his gun and shot at the vehicle.

The man continued driving the truck down Rundberg towards North Lamar Blvd, eventually hitting an additional vehicle during this attempt at escape.

When the officer gave chase, the suspect tried to veer into the parking lot of the HEB gas station a the intersection of Rundberg and North Lamar. That is where he lost control of his truck and ran into the gas station’s sign.

The responding officer was able to arrest the man after that accident. He faces counts of leaving the scene of an accident, one count of evading the scene, one count of aggravated assault against a police officer, three other unspecified charges and one DUI.

Acevedo said the officer who fired his gun has been put one administrative leave while the investigation is continued.

No other injuries were reported.
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Texas Deputy Wounded in Gunfight with “Suicidal” Subject

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